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As a native of St. Louis Missouri, I was extremely anxious to read Uncle Otto. I am a person who loves descriptive writing and once immersed, it was hard to put Uncle Otto down. Even after finishing the story I wanted to continue the journey. I had a vivid picture of every, the time sequence, neighborhoods, attitudes of all the characters, and most of all I identified with the family. Uncle Otto exhibits the true talent of the author and I look forward to reading more of his work.
Judith A. Pruitt

Associate Publisher, St. Louis Metro Sentinel Journal Newspaper

I really enjoyed your book! I was at my darkest hour because I lost my husband suddenly. When I began to read your book, it helped to take my mind off my sadness. I laughed and read it slowly because I didn’t want it to end.


African American Women Reading Group

In a literary market crowded with Fast Food, Winfred Cook's debut novel Uncle Otto is like literary Soul Food. Cook distinctively writes with a very fresh, strong and unique voice that is reminiscent of Ernest Gaines, and Jamaica Kincaid. Uncle Otto is a very brave undertaking whose path even seasoned writers may have been reluctant to journey.

Cook's Uncle Otto is a throwback to the southern quilt makers of yesteryears. From chapter one, page one, Cook brilliantly and effortlessly sews the pieces of an African American family together, ultimately unveiling a master heirloom in the form of the unforgettable story of Uncle Otto. Uncle Otto is a rare gem which tells the story of the conviction and strength of the African American family and patriarch, which are far too often overlooked in the literary community. BRAVO!!!!

Tezira Nnabongo, PhD Attorney, Hollywood, California

African American Women Reading Group

Thank you so much for Uncle Otto. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this colorful and well written depiction of an African American family. I and other members of my book club agreed that it is a story we could all relate to. Please continue to write and furnish us with more good reading.

African American Women Reading Group

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