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Uncle Otto is a fantastic read! The way the book was written is so intriguing. It draws you into each character and you care what happens to them. I also loved the period changes throughout the book. You could really get a sense of what it was like to live at that time. Mr. Cook is not only a great writer but is also an awesome story teller. I cannot wait to read his next book(s).

BBC of Novato, California

[OTTO] reminded me of stories my parents told us about their exodus from the also reminds me of the common thread that connects our (Black) people...hope, struggle, and determination...all of our stories are so much the same.

The Black Images Book Club in Sacramento

I really enjoyed reading your manuscript...I felt like I was there and knew these people. Your character development was well thought out and made me believe in their hopes and dreams.

The Black Images Book Club in Sacramento

[OTTO] was fast moving, intriguing and fresh. I loved the simplistic nature of the book. The book was down to earth and I could relate to so many of the various themes throughout the story...I think this book has a universal appeal and would be enlightening to those who may not be familiar with or understand the black family and its culture.

The Black Images Book Club in Sacramento

I totally enjoyed OTTO. I thought it was a great read and very honest, to the point where it sounds almost biographical. Reading the book was like being told all of those old after Thanksgiving dinner stories I would hear from my parents, great-grandparents and other relatives about growing up in the South.

The Black Images Book Club in Sacramento

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